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Passion to Profit – How Your Talents Can Make You Money

When do you feel you're at your best? Not Netflixing and chilling in a

hotel room in paradise, although I feel really ok doing that too…. 🏝 I mean, what do you do so inherently well that when you're doing it you feel like you're 100% in your zone? Have you ever paid attention to that feeling? We sometimes mistake "in the zone" to mean that we are not working hard or not tired, but that's not always the case. The difference is, the hard work and tired feelings are paired with a sense of accomplishment, joy, and a desire to do it again. And again. And again. Even for free. For me, I feel at my best when helping people find creative solutions to their problems. I LOVE helping folks crack the code in a way that drives them forward creatively. Because even though you could and would (and most likely have) done that “in the zone” task for free, you don’t have to….that place of passion, can be revenue generating.

That knowledge you possess can be monetized and shared with the perfect audience who needs what you have to offer.

I help clients explore the possibilities that lay within their talents, and develop solutions and strategy for their businesses. So just how do you turn your passion into a profitable business? Let me share with you the three best ways to make money using your talents.

Passion to Profit Tip #1: Do.

Whether you love to sew, taught yourself to braid hair, make your own skin care products in your kitchen, or built and fix your friends and family’s computers, there is value attached to your skill. Value is the “importance, worth, or usefulness of something”. Simply put, if you’ve got it, and they want or need it, then it has value.

This one is so simple, but we make it so complex. Nike said it best: “Just do it.” That skill, gift, or talent is already in you. If you do it well, and love the feeling of being “in the zone” while doing it, then it’s a passion that’s worth pursuing.

To get started, find the places your ideal customer is looking for your help and skill-set. For example, if you’re a skilled graphic designer you can easily set up a profile on Upwork or Fiverr to get job offers from all around the world while continuing to work from the comfort of your home. Easily state your rates and different packages to turn your skills into profit.

Passion to Profit Tip #2: Teach.

You may be thinking, ‘I could never do that as my career,’ but still find yourself wanting to utilize that skill or talent somehow. Have you considered teaching?

Much like you find yourself exploring your passion and purpose, there are others on the same journey looking to develop new talents. It’s another scenario of “you’ve got it, and they want or need it.”

Try to resist the urge to think of this as a case of ‘Those who can’t do, teach.” Think of this instead as the student becoming the teacher. You’ve done it, you’ve perfected the skill, you understand the mechanics, and can help someone else adopt the skill using your methods. This can be done through tutorials, in-person (when it’s safe again) or virtual classes, online curriculum, and e-courses. Once you begin teaching and sharing this information, you can easily monetize your skills.

This approach allows you to think through, organize, and package your knowledge into content that can be repeated, or purchased without replicating the product (doing their hair, building their computer, etc). This approach to utilizing your passion is also a true testament to your skill-set – if you know it well enough to break it down into digestible steps, you can probably teach it.

Passion to Profit Tip #3: Consult/Coach.

You may find after doing, and teaching larger groups, that you’re ready for a more individualized approach to sharing your skill-set. You may be ready to coach clients. Coaching allows for a one on one working relationship, while focusing on specific desired outcomes. As with teaching, Coaching includes teaching skills and methods, but it also includes assessing skill levels, establishing needs, and then charting a course to reach the destination, together.

Have you ever heard any of this feedback?

  • “You’re so easy to talk to.”

  • “OMG, thank you! I feel so much better.”

  • “That’s a great idea, I never would’ve thought of that!”

  • “I need to pick your brain!”

  • “I need your help!”

  • “You’re so organized.”

Encouragement, guidance, course correction, listening, mentoring, and advising are

just some of the “other duties as assigned” for coaches. Consistently receiving the feedback above isn’t the end all, be all, but could be a really great indicator that you have a natural talent for helping and coaching others.

Never coached anyone before and worried about getting started? Get a coach! I am a firm believer that in order to completely walk someone through a process, you need insight and empathy for what that process is like. Not sure how to be a coach, but think it could be right for you? That’s easy. Get yourself a coach, and try the relationship and process on for size.

And if you’re in need of a creative coach to get you all started, then let me help you!

Coaching is a way to walk in your natural talents, share your passion, and help others find success utilizing their natural talent.

Some of our skills and talents are meant to stay just that – not every skill we have, needs to be monetized. But some of them most definitely can be.

Pay attention to where you feel “in the zone”, and do everything you can to stay there.

One of my favorite books is Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic - it's all about living a creative life free from fear, and asks what do you love to do so much that you’d do it without worry of success or failure.

Just think.....what kind of life could you create if you weren't afraid of failure?! Let's work together and make it happen!



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