Creative Strategy and Gifts & Talents Coaching

As a creative, I have fallen victim to these lies, and maybe you have too:


  • You’re not as good as you think you are.

  • This is your idea not His, so it will fail.

  • There are too many people doing the same thing as you – the market for this is too saturated.

  • You don’t know if this will be successful, so you shouldn’t try.

  • You’re not like those other people who can make a living on their creative passions. You don’t have what it takes.

  • You’re too late in the game, and should have started when you were younger.


As someone who has emerged from the wreckage of lies, I am here to tell you NONE of this is true. But how do you mobilize?  


I have worked with creatives of all types to better understand, and better operate in their innate creative giftings and talents. I'll help you strategize, plan, and goal set in order to execute your vision, and launch your creative dream.


You have gifts and talents, and you want to be able to communicate them to yourself and your future clients in a way that is authentic and spot on – it starts with you!


My coaching services are for the creative who’s ready to turn their dreams into goals, and their goals into reality.


Creative Strategy Coaching


Sessions are available in either 90 minute or monthly increments, and include:

  • Your customized coaching plan

  • A creative mapping guide to lend clarity to your creative vision

  • Follow up Creative Chats to discuss progress, and strategize next steps

  • Accountability check-ins

  • Planning resources and guides

Maybe you don’t consider yourself a creative, but are struggling to realize what you do well and wish to discover how to bring your best self forward in your everyday life – Talent Coaching may be for you!

Talent and Gifts Coaching


Sessions are available in either 60 minute or monthly increments and include: 

  • Assessment to reveal the ways you most naturally approach the world

  • One on One coaching session (virtual) to review insights to your natural talents and gifts, and how to better leverage them

  • A follow up Talent Chat to discuss putting your gifts into action in all of the various parts of your life

  • Talent strategy guides to help you live a strengths-based life

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