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About Me

Shanell Tyus

Ever felt that a treasured, valuable part of you was being denied?


Brené Brown says “…it’s not merely benign or “too bad” if we don’t use the gifts or talents we’ve been given; we pay for it with our emotional and physical well-being.”

I’ve been there, and I believe when you do work that you love and are best at, you're happier!


I'm on a mission to help people do what they do best, and I find I am at my best when helping others tap into their talents to yield desired change in their lives. I created my business in 2011 to do just that.


i'm a dynamic strengths-based educator who specializes in meeting the unique needs of those I train, coach, teach and consult with. I  work with individuals, teams, and organizations to leverage and maximize their natural talents to drive transformational change at work & in their world!


I love finding creative solutions to problems, entertaining for family and friends, 70's soul music, and conversations in coffee shops.

I have an M.S. in College Counseling & Student services, and for over seventeen years I have worked in higher education in universities and community college settings both inside and outside of the classroom.

i'm a lover and follower of Christ and try daily to honor the gifts he's given me to help others. I have been married to my fantastically geeky-athletic-gamer husband for over 19 years, and am a mother to two beautiful children – a 12 year old smartsy girl who’s my creative-partner in crime, and an 8 year old sour-patch baby boy….first he’s sour, then he’s so so sweet.


Find me on Instagram, and follow along on the blog  day to day glimpses, and the strengths-based tips you need to build your business while living in your strengths daily!


My Work

SKD Creative, Inc

What began with helping creatives of all types craft their personal narratives to share their best selves with their target clients, quickly expanded to include working with creative entrepreneurs more intimately through coaching and training groups and teams to better understand their strengths and their impact!


Since 2011 I have helped corporate-creatives discover their passions and leverage their innate talents & insights to develop strengths-informed businesses.

anti-oppression is a cornerstone of my work. I believe equity & inclusion training is leadership training. in my coaching business I focus on helping creative black women self actualize the dreams they've been holding on to and impact the world with their brilliance.


In addition to helping black women make their dreams come true, I lead Equity, Inclusion, and Learning efforts for small but mighty corporate clients, and am adjunct faculty for a university in Central California.

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