Equity and Inclusion Consulting:

Values alignment is critical in business, and training your team helps drive a more equitable and inclusive environment rooted in oppression reduction, and social justice.


I support the Equity and Inclusion (EI) efforts of various organizations by training and action planning including but not limited to:

  • Reviewing and providing clarity of EI action statements, mission statements, strategic vision, and values

  • Advocating for equity and inclusion topics and action within the organization, and advocating for marginalized communities in the industry.

  • Partnering in the development of framework for tracking, reporting, and communication around EI metrics and progress.

  • Social Justice and Oppression Reduction training from Umbrella Model of Oppression framework


Understanding your mission is key to understanding your message, and understanding your talents is key to walking in purpose + passion. 


I train groups and in-tact teams on a variety of concepts including, but not limited to Creative Strategy, Social Justice and Oppression Reduction, Mission, Vision & Values, Women & Strength, The Power of the Bio/About, StrengthsQuest (assessment) by Gallup, TrueColors (assessment), Assertiveness & Effective Communication, and Strategic Planning and Goal Setting.


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