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3 action steps to get unstuck and start your business

Want to know the two most common questions I receive in my DMs and at events?

‘How do I know this idea I have isn't just another "crazy idea?" And ‘How do I turn this hobby into an actual business?’

If the past two and a half years of a global pandemic have taught us anything it’s that now and in the years to come, knowing what you do well and how it can help serve people who need it is critically important. Just think of all the purchases you’ve made in the past two and a half years to make your life easier or simply bring a sense of peace and productivity to your life by solving one of your problems.

Each of those solutions came through a person who was clear on what they had, that you needed!

The same is true for me. Prior to the pandemic, I refocused on my business as a copywriter for creative entrepreneurs, but with each client I worked with I found myself doing way more coaching them than writing for them.

You're probably thinking, 'What made you so bold as to try and coach someone that you were supposed to be writing for?!' It's an excellent question. The reason I felt so bold and free to coach them was because I was already a coach. Always have been.

In my previous roles I either supervised, counseled, lead, taught, and or developed. The ability to coach members of my team or students through a process has always been a part of how I worked with people.

I formally folded coaching into my business offerings, and eventually the demand for my coaching skills grew so much that I let go of the writing altogether.

A few things changed for me during this process and I want to share them with you! These are the three critical action steps to take as you're debating how to start this business:

  1. I had to decide between the many skills I possessed and pick a clear direction for how I could best serve people who needed me. The first critical step you need to take is to DECIDE that you have everything it takes to get started and be successful. The confusion and indecision over what you should do are keeping you stuck and holding you back from getting started.

  2. I leaned heavily into my natural talents for knowing how to help people develop and grow, and I transferred the skills and knowledge I gained from my career in higher education administration. You have natural talents that you're downplaying or taking for granted. You also have gained so many skills and so much knowledge throughout your career - these three ingredients are the secret sauce.

  3. Even though I have a background in counseling and leadership development and knew how to help people 1:1 and in teams, I invested in a coach to help me help others and saw my skills as a coach and my approach to coaching sharpen! And that took time - the most significant investment you'll make as you build your business. Think about any process you've ever navigated in your life - you didn't do it alone and it didn't happen overnight. You had a teacher, a partner, a parent, a guide, a friend, a trainer, or a coach! You spent time together going through key steps, and then you spent your own time putting the steps into practice.

Just because you're amazing at figuring things out doesn't mean should needlessly struggle to build your business - coaches give you the blueprint that make your time and money a wise investment.

As a coach I help my clients ditch the confusion of deciding to start a business, help them identify the talents they've always possessed in order to see them in new ways, and then turn up the dial on their skills and knowledge to develop an aligned-business that's PERFECT for them.

You're not sure if this is something that you could do full time but you have passions, love having the gift of helping people, and want to see if you can make money doing it.

I did, too. Just like you, I truly wanted be someone that people could trust to help them in my unique way but, honestly, it was an internal struggle of 'if I was doing it right' and ‘if I'm supposed to do this or something else in some other way’... until I finally discovered the key is to get help, get aligned, and get started. And now I help others do the same.

The clarity and confidence needed to build an aligned-business is THE most important thing you should consider before you attempt to serve others with your product or service. Otherwise, you're trying to run someone else's business their way, instead of walking in your divine assignment.



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