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Myths you need to bust to decide on a direction for your business (and get out of stagnancy)

📝There will ALWAYS be a list of reasons not to go after that dream. But these!?! These are myths you made up in your mind based on bits and pieces of experience and they've been allowed to reside in your mind as facts you need to let go of so you can step fully into the belief that you CAN do this thing that has been placed in your heart by God to pursue.

I'm sharing the most common MYTHS I hear from my clients, that are probably keeping you out of alignment.

It costs too much money to start a business.

Myth Buster 1 - Many businesses don’t require much money to get started, and money is a renewable resource meaning if you need more, you can make more if you know what you have to offer and what you do well!

You have so much to offer inside of you already.

Once you decide to start you realize that starting from where you are with what you have doesn't require much an upfront investment and that you can actually allocate your resources to hiring help in order to get structured and scale.

Hiring help in the form of coaches, virtual assistants (VAs), and client management software are the sound investments that will help you run your business and are the catalysts to earning more in your business by freeing you up to focus on YOUR talents instead of struggling in areas you know know less about.

I don't have the time to build a business, I'm already so busy now.

Myth Buster 2 - Time, like money, is a resource. And just like money it can be budgeted but first requires an audit! I find in my day that I have more time than I think I do, but I look up and realize I spent 45 minutes down a social media rabbit hole (I just got got by Black People Pets 🤦🏾‍♀️LOL).

Should we allow ourselves a brain break? Absolutely. But if you find the amount of breaks you're taking aren't a reflection of your output, you likely aren't taking a're ruminating due to over consumption of content and stimuli.

When I perform an audit and then budget my time, I have way more than I thought to spend in places that matter...building my business and using it to serve people! Check out my steps for creating time to build your business here!

There are so many people doing it already, the market is too saturated.

Myth Buster 3 - The market isn’t saturated for people who have a unique gift or talent, and know how to use it to uniquely serve the people who need what they have. If you have been given an assignment, it’s not up to you to decide there’s too many – remember, your gifts will make room for you and that also includes a client base and products and services THEY need that only YOU can deliver.

Ready to move out of this state of confusion and finally figure out what your business will look like?

Register here to attend my next FREE workshop where you'll learn the 3 steps to take your brilliant idea and turn it into an aligned business!

See you there!



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