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7 Way To Support the Creative-Entrepreneur in Your Life This Season (and year round)!

I have SO many creative and talented friends. I mean, they are SO DOPE. I sometimes have to remember who has a book out, who's a keynote speaker, whose album is being recorded, or whose post to share!

Being a creative entrepreneur as well, I sometimes drop the ball on supporting those I love, and vice versa.

Sometimes it's difficult to know what type of support they want/need, and we hold back until we can make a BIG purchase or financial contribution.
Don't do that.

Looking for ways to show up for your creative-entrepreneur friends and family?

These 7 actionable ways to support can make a huge impact on the success of your loved-one's business this holiday season, but also year round.

Make a Purchase

No brainer!

Shopping directly is honestly one of the best ways to support your creative friend or family member. When you shop with them, you make an investment in their business, which allows them to purchase more supplies and invest in services that help support and scale their business.


It’s not fair to assume you can afford your friend’s $300 watch line…simply because they’re your friend. 2020 has impacted so many people financially, and there may not be excess for non-essential purchases at the moment. Trust me, the creative in your life understands this.

Fortunately, there are other ways to show up for our creative loved-ones, without putting unnecessary strain on our finances simply to appear supportive.

These four may seem like one and the same, but they have distinct benefits. Following is great, but brands are more interested in quality, than quantity. Here’s the significance of each on social media, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube:

Like – Likes show that the content is speaking to people, and they…well, like it! Like it enough to stop and engage with the post – it’s like a vote for good content.

Also, what a simple way to encourage your creative friend to keep going and putting their content, and themselves, out there! Costs nothing to add that stamp of approval.

Comment – Comments are an indicator of quality content, and that you want to engage with it by sharing your thoughts or reactions in response. Comments show that you actually cared enough to stop and read, and the content was impactful.

Comments on blog and YouTube posts are just as important, and help illustrate to potential clients and brands that this content creator has not only valuable content, but an engaged audience that they're sharing it with.

Share – Shares show that the content was valuable enough to not only “Like”, but significant enough to share with your audience or community. It’s an endorsement of quality content. Again, costs nothing.

Save – High numbers of saves help the Instagram algorithm position posts higher in feeds. The more saves, the higher positioning in people’s feeds, and the higher chances of the content reaching the Explore page! Saves are read by the algorithm as quality content, an

d the app’s goal is to keep people on the app (not run them off because they’re bored or disinterested), so the algorithm will share that quality content with more people.

Create a folder labeled “Support”, and simply save posts that can help amplify your friend’s content. Costs. Nothing.


I’ve had friends not be able to make events, or not have a use for my products and services. On a personal note, this has happened when Black, Creative, and Dope is involved. I have non-Black friends who are so supportive, but some simply don’t feel it’s appropriate for them to wear those words on apparel, (although some others could care less and do so), but in several instances have shown up to help set up events, take tickets, refill drinks, and purchased products for other Black creatives who they feel would love the product. I’ve also had friends who couldn’t attend an event, purchase tickets so others could attend instead.

The reality is, we all have so many people in our lives doing things it may feel like we can’t possibly be the target market for each. Sometimes, what a creative friend or family member is selling just isn’t for you!

But, the facts are you have to show up for the people you love, and one of the ways you can do that is financially.

If you can’t go, buy a ticket and sponsor someone else who wants to attend but can’t afford it – it always feels great to give gifts for no reason.

If their product or service isn’t your thing, buy it and give it to someone who would appreciate it – it may be just perfect for someone else.

If you can’t participate due to distance, sponsor a giveaway for someone local that can attend – this helps to promote while driving traffic to your friend’s page or site.

Wouldn’t dream of “hosting a giveaway” on your page? Give the honor to your friend, which again, will help them promote and drive traffic to their page or site.

And finally, one of the most meaningful…

Inquire About Their Business

Have you ever had something SO amazing happening in your life, and you feel like you’re alone in it? That’s what it can feel like as a creative.

Often, the creative work of your loved one is being done in isolation or a vacuum. When they’re done, they creep out of their creator cave and

TA-DA, they share and receive amazing feedback from internet friends and followers, only to look up and realize that some of the people closest to them don’t know the details of what they did, and may appear disinterested.

This can be even more heightened for a multi-passionate, because they’re often working on so many things at once, or going from one project to the next.

Simply taking a moment to ask, “How is your latest project going?”, or “What are you working on right now?”.

It’s easy to get caught in the cycle with your friends…tell me down below if this looks familiar:

Everyone goes through periods where they simply can’t be 100% dialed in to everything their friends are doing, ESPECIALLY during a pandemic, but making time to intentionally check in on your friends, and the latest in their lives, is part of any rich and fruitful relationship.

Support is a two-way street, so hopefully the creatives in your life are finding meaningful ways to support you and show up for you, making it easy to return the favor. If a creative in your life was bold enough to take a chance on an entrepreneurship journey, be sure to support them!

Subscribe to their website, read their blogs, listen to their podcast, so you can share in that part of your loved-one's life, and tell others about it.

What's your favorite way to receive support for your creative business (other than cutting the check of course, LOL)? Share below!



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