Strength to Strategy

30-Day Collaborative

You are so ready!

If I was ready to start my business all over again  to create a life of creative, time, and financial freedom I'd want to release perfectionism and confusion and do it using the very best of what I have - my insight, talents, and gifts!

The truth is, you’ve BEEN ready for a while but you’ve been afraid, you’ve been unclear on exactly what you're supposed to do. You've been stagnant as you've tried to figure out if this idea CAN be what sets you on the path to freedom, fulfillment, and alignment with your purpose.

I'm sharing exactly what I'd do to get clear and craft my own success as an entrepreneur for 30 days!

No hustle-culture here. We're spending 30 days working in the way that works for US - ease...clarity....focus...peace..and RESULTS!

Enroll Now! I'm ready to turn my strengths into my strategy!

 It's time to build the aligned side-business you can't stop dreaming of!

This 30 day collaborative is designed for the woman who has a business idea and vision and needs clarity, an actionable strategy, and doesn't want to go it alone.


What's standing in the way? The very same thing that's your key to success -

 your mindset. 

Ready for an aligned business framework?

Receive your Strength to Strategy Roadmap complete with...


Top 5 Strengths Assessment to be prioritized as you get CLEAR about your business & how it shows up in the world.

Next 90 Day Action Plan so that you know the exact steps to take over the next year to take your business from brilliant idea to booming side hustle.

I’ll provide this to you by granting you exclusive access to our intimate retreat community!


Once inside you'll experience:


  • Daily instruction produced by me, a career educator, so that you know what you’re learning is of the highest quality and gets results

  • Community support as you navigate the mindset clarity work designed to take you out of confusion and move you into alignment

  • Weekly coaching to receive real time feedback for immediate integration as new awarenesses emerge

  • Recordings of all meetings & lessons so that you can maintain your life as you learn. You will receive year long access to all materials so that you can easily refer back as you implement.

How to turn your insight into an information-based side business and your strength to Strategy!


​You’ve been trying to figure out how to start your business alone, the best way you know how. And you didn't even realize the confusion and misalignment you were causing yourself by doubting your purpose and talents!

You have gotten so far in many areas of your life because your talents come to you so naturally but there are still areas where you feel so unfulfilled. And it's beyond confusing!

What about a framework designed to eliminate confusion and reveal the very best of what you bring, so you can find your lane, help others, and soar?



Remember when?

Remember back in school we were assigned a buddy?


It was someone who had your back, learned with you, challenged you and kept you from getting lost in that gigantic junior high school that felt SO much bigger and more confusing than your old stomping grounds, LOL. They were there to make sure you weren’t going it alone, that you weren't out there looking like a hopeless freshman, and well…supported!


And then as we became adults, we were left to fend for ourselves. We were made to believe that independence is the key to success! That we should figure things out for ourselves through “trial and error.”


This "baptism by fire" system of jumping in and seeing how many different things you could try and fail before you found your wings to fly.....? Yikes.


But it's what you know. You got your degree, you you entered your career, maybe even started your family and supported others as they did the same. You became the go-to girl for so many because you know how to get things done.


You’ve heard the saying, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."


Think about it…family, friends, organizations, places of worship, teams, clubs…. What do they ALL have in common?


I want to collaborate and build!


  • You know you are supposed to help people with what you know.

  • You’re ready for entrepreneurship.

  • You’re ready to stop obsessing over the things you don't do well.

  • You’re trying to figure out what to do with your idea for a creative business.

  • You feel like you've lost yourself in your other roles and are ready to turn the attention back on you.

  • You’re scared of the unknown, and SICK of the fear.

  • You’re doubting yourself despite your career and educational success.

  • You want freedom of time, finances, and creativity.

  • You have ideas, goals, and visions for your life  what you're currently doing.

  • You started a business that lacks strategic direction and you're spinning your wheels on how to start again.


  • You prefer to work on improving your weaknesses to be more successful.

  • You want an instant fix and overnight success.

  • You don't have time to dedicate to building a business daily.

  • You are not willing to utilize the tools available to business owners (social media for example).

  • You want to do it "So and So's" way because you think that is what success looks like.

  • You believe the way things are is the way they should stay.


1. Laptop

2. Cellphone

3. Internet




1. I'm not promising you will get rich overnight and get clients in 30 days. In fact, most people that start a bootcamp of any kind simply don't finish. Probably because there's more involved than they thought.

2. Commitment: You've gotta be committed to staying the course of the whole 30 days. If you are easy to give up, your money would be better spent shoes and food.

3. Don't expect to have the same results as me. I've been doing work in this since 2009. But, GET SUPER EXCITED because you'll learn several new skill sets that can be applied to your life and any type of business. 

Having said that, the skillset I'm going to teach you is something you can never UNLEARN. 

And, it's something that every entrepreneur on the planet wants: the ability to get clients. And not just any clients, THEIR clients.

The skills you will learn here CANNOT be taken away from you. You will have this knowledge forever. 



About me!

 I'm a strategic planner, a deep feeler, and a multi-passionate creative. ​I am at my best when I'm creating a plan and executing it, and helping others find creative solutions to their problems.


And while I've ALWAYS been this way, I didn't realize these were things that I was best at because they were just a natural part of how I approached the world: I didn't see them as exceptional and I didn't recognize their potential even when people asked me for a piece of it.

My talent of educating has been life-long so getting to develop college students inside and outside of the classroom was a dream come true. So why, with my two degrees and Director-level job, was I feeling unfulfilled and longing for more?

Because the call and purpose on my life was supposed to expand beyond the walls of my university office. 

Instead of getting another degree or certificate to start my side business (as I continued to kill it at work) I leaned into what I already had:

  • Years of expertise as an educator and trainer
  • My natural talents of planning, empathizing, relating, strategizing, and developing people
  • My Master's degree in Counseling

and decided to use it to get paid to serve the people I was assigned to and aligned with, while creating a life of creative, time, and financial freedom!

I'll guide and support you over four weeks together as you move from confusion to clarity using my CLEAR framework

C - Get clarity on what you want to do
L - Lean into your natural talents
E - Establish your expertise and outline the transferable experiences, skills, and knowledge you have
A - Identify the aligned & assigned clients you're supposed to serve
R - Outline the results you know you can get your client (What do you want to help other people do?)


And I'm ready to help you do the same!


"Surprisingly, the "collab" components that simply started as business strategy evolved into my life strategies! I continue to utilize Shanell’s tools across all areas of my life!"


Here's what to expect when you join us inside the collab:

Your Top 5 Strengths Assessment and Strength to Strategy Roadmap will clarify your path as we move through the following schedule:


You on the other side?

Clear on a best-fit information-based business that is aligned with what you know and who you are.

Ready to take action on your next 90-days of priorities.

Mindset beliefs shifted to a business woman owning your PERSONAL power and authority - no more uncertainty about yourself!

Able to profit from your passion and equipped with a strategy to generate income.

Clear and confident on your natural talents, what they mean, and how to leverage them in your daily life and business.

Empowered to communicate using authority-driven language to set your value & become the only choice in the marketplace.

Connected and coached alongside like-minded women pursuing their dreams and building their businesses - maybe even a new business bestie?!? Kiss the loneliness of building a business good-bye!

Clarity and confidence that you are so freaking talented, gifted, HIGHLY skilled, and point blank a generation changer for your family and the clients you're aligned & assigned to serve! You have EVERYTHING you need, and I'm here to show you what to do with it.

The Investment



You read that right.

 Don't confuse this low price tag with low value. You're getting my absolute best here with a collaborative community of like-minded entrepreneurs, weekly live-coaching sessions (virtually of course), mindset clarity work,  your destination road map and strategy, resources, guides, and checklists that will be vital for the life of your business, and clarity of your innate strengths to be leveraged in life and business that is the heart of my work 1:1 work with clients.

This is a $200 savings off of the normal rate of $1,197 , with many of features of my signature VIP coaching service, but with an emphasis on collaboratively growing and strengthening.

You also receive all live Q&A session replays to refer back to as you implement!


The key to finding your own definition of success in business is letting go of confusion and getting clear so you understand what you do unlike anyone else, and along with it realizing your natural patterns of thinking, feeling, and taking action.

Your insight and expertise add value wherever you go, and it's time for you to give yourself permission to serve by sharing, and generating additional income  while you do it!



Before you dismiss this offer with A. You don't really need this or B. You can't afford this, let me offer you this:

​A. You wouldn't be here if you weren't ready for your next steps, and looking for support and strategy to get there because it's JUST too overwhelming to do it alone, too much pressure to do it perfectly, and somewhere along the way you got the impression that's required. It's not. I got you.

B. What's your dream worth to you? What's clarity worth to you? What's knowing your unique giftings worth to you? And if you were going to invest in anything in this world, what better to invest in than yourself?

What is it worth to have the freedom and fulfillment you have been seeking and absolutely deserve?

There are installment plans available to you, but don't put this off. You deserve this.