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I believe when people do what they love and do best, they are genuinely happier....and make more money!

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I’m Shanell, Talent AmplifyHER and creator of the Strength to Strategy Collab.

I’m a full time higher ed professional turned Strengths-Strategist and conversation curator.


Despite the husband, the degree, and the job I'd worked hard to get, once my daughter was born I found myself choosing between my dream daycare and spur of the moment trips to Vegas because I couldn't afford to do both. I had to do something to bring in additional income and knew it had to be on my terms.

As a multi-passionate, I knew a side-business was the way to go, but fresh off the heels of an intense two-and-a-half-year graduate program, I refused to return to school for another degree.


Rather than seek out a new skill, I tapped into my experience and natural talents God had already given me instead.

I figured out how to earn more side income doing what I loved and what came naturally to me, and I built it into an aligned business.

And I want to help you do the same.

Hey sis,

Put a pin in this story for now, I promise to get to the good part, but I want to get back to you!

Did your last attempt to find alignment and success in your side-business look something like this?


✓ Working on all parts of the business simultaneously without being 100% sure of all the ins and outs, getting burnt out and defeated


✓ Investing resources in coaches who "guaranteed" their same level of 6-figure success if you just "followed the framework", only to realize the framework isn't what you needed

✓ Market on social media, not seeing any fruit from all that labor (remember trying to understand Reels when they were brand new?!)...if you even made it out of your drafts and planning documents that is

You know your knowledge base is VALUABLE and that’s why you’ve toyed with a side business for years. As a corporate-creative you can whip up the latest food trend on TikTok, help your little one ace their science fair project (with the help of a few YouTube tips), and your home décor definitely passes the vibe check – your resume reads like the Black Martha Stewart and there’s nothing you can’t do….right?

And you’re asking yourself, so why didn’t my side business work out the way everything else I’ve set out to do in my life has?

Breathe, sis.

All that insta-pot pressure gets released TODAY!

Just because you haven’t cracked the code on establishing an aligned side-business yet doesn’t mean you can’t.

You deserve to be certain about your path forward to  delivery!

You have a BRILLIANT expertise bank that you’ve built up through your education, your career, and the rich life you’ve lived and you’re ready to share it with the world. 

*Online coaches will tell you they built a six-figure business, show you a beautifully curated feed, and tell you their framework is all you need in order to achieve the same exact results.

*The world will tell you that the key to career fulfillment at your age and stage is MORE – more time in the office, more volunteering (*cough* freely giving) of your talents on committees, and more education (i.e. yet another degree) in order to advance.

But let me be clear…

The results, alignment, change, and fulfillment you’re seeking can’t come from another degree, certificate, or even a promotion.

The longing you feel for more is REAL, and you’re EXACTLY where you need to be to actualize the more you’re seeking!

You’re a sought-after leader who has the solutions to so many other people’s problems. You figure their stuff out all of the time applying the same brilliant-Black girl logic you’ve used in your own life – “If, then statement” anyone? 

If I’ve cracked every code in my life thus far (getting the degree, the gig, the salary, and more) by using my own wits and merits, then all I have to do is think my way through this problem to arrive at the right solution…"right?  RIGHT???"

This thinking explains WHY you’ve gotten where you need to be in so many areas of your life, but it doesn’t acknowledge HOW you did it.

Your natural talents and Strengths have been at work this whole time, so you don’t even realize it’s these superpowers….not another degree, trying alone until you get it right, or a six-figure framework promise….that are the keys to unlocking the alignment you’re seeking for your side business!

“Shanell helped me unearth my innate strengths, cheering me on while helping me strategize my first year of business! Surprisingly, the course lessons and components that simply started as business strategy evolved into my life strategies! I continue to utilize Shanell’s tools across all areas of my life!”

Your Strengths may be buried beneath a laundry list of accomplishments so long, you downplay them. Or worse, they’re hidden beneath your doubts and misbeliefs simply because you haven’t found side-biz success with the same ease you’ve accomplished everything else. 

Are you filled with inspiration and longing watching brilliant women share what they know with ease and confidence?

Have you convinced yourself that getting another degree or applying for a new and more challenging role would be the “better” route to go?


Have you pushed the dream of creating an aligned side-business to the back burner because previous attempts didn’t turn out like you expected?

You’ve been in

 “try-mode” when it comes to starting your information-based side-business and it’s time to get CLEAR!

I’m taking you from ruminating to recalibrated in our community designed just for you to amplify your Strengths and package your expertise for delivery. 


Strength to Strategy Collaborative aka The Strength to Start Collab

A space specifically curated to nurture the Strengths, knowledge, and expertise of Black women who deserve to be CERTAIN about their path forward to monetizing their knowledge! 

STSC Program Mock Up (1).png

Strengths to Strategy Collab will teach you to lean fully into your natural talents and use them as the strategy to align your information-based side business from the foundation up.

Inside, I’ll teach you to package and structure your brilliant expertise bank for knowledge delivery using my own natural talents and skills as a Black woman who…

✓ Is trained and certified in Strengths-philosophy development

✓ Developed numerous  corporate-creatives on the road to uncovering and leveraging their talents and skills to utilize their experiences and actualize their passions

✓ Takes a holistic approach to leadership development as a degree counselor

I used these same Strengths-based development strategies to…

✓ Monetize my own brilliant bank of knowledge and experiences to transition from a full-time career in higher education to a highly sought facilitator, Strengths-strategist, and DEI educator

✓ Live in my natural talents daily in my personal and professional life

✓ Ensure the education and experience I spent my career acquiring makes me money on my terms and serves by serving the people I’m aligned with and assigned to so that it doesn’t end with me!

✓ uild a side-business that is completely aligned with the gifts God gave me, using everything I’ve gained in order to serve His people


and you can too!

By the conclusion of our time in the collab, you’ll see your vision crystallize from a brilliant idea for a business structured into an aligned roadmap you can follow - relieving the pressures you’ve felt up until now to "figure it out" on your own.

Here’s what happens when you join us inside:

Reveal your top natural talents through assessment and develop your strengths-based roadmap as we move through five levels of strategy with the CLEAR curriculum

C – Clarify your Strengths

Gain clarity on what you want to do through discovering your natural talent. From there, you’ll lean into your natural talents, and learn to live in your Strengths vs your weaknesses every single day. You’ll no longer question whether you can do this once you fully uncover your most natural path to how you do it like no one else can!

L – Leverage your natural talents
Decide how to best deliver your knowledge to the world. Will you Do, Coach, Speak, or Teach?

E – Establish your expertise

Outline the transferable experiences, skills, and knowledge you have. Uncover your special information area and package it for delivery to the right audience with a just-right offer. 

A – Identify your Aligned and Assigned
Define the exact people you’re called to help. Your unique gifts have a designation – no more wondering who needs what you have.

R – Reveal the Results you help people achieve

When you know who you’re assigned to help and how, you can be unwavering on the deliverables of your offer. Get empowered to communicate with authority-driven language to set your value and become the only choice in the marketplace.

“Since working with Shanell, she has taught me to embrace my diversity of talent and innate strengths as foundational pillars to marry my passion for storytelling and personal development. I am working and operating with a level of freedom I never have had before.”

Strength To Strategy Roadmap complete with…

Top 5 Strengths Assessment to be prioritized as you get CLEAR about your business & how it shows up in the world.

Next 90 Day Action Plan so that you know the exact steps to take over the next year to take your business from brilliant idea to booming side hustle.

I’ll provide this to you by granting you exclusive access to our intimate retreat community!

I’ll provide this to you by granting you exclusive access to our intimate and collaborative learning community!

On-demand instruction produced by me, a career educator so that you know what you’re learning is of the highest quality and gets results

Community support as you navigate the mindset clarity work designed to take you out of confusion and move you into alignment

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Untitled design(1).jpg

Weekly coaching to receive real time feedback for immediate integration as new awareness emerges

  • Saturdays at 10:00am PST

Co-working day where you set your intentions to bring forward the results you deserve and make progress


  • Mondays 5:00pm PST

Recordings of all meetings & lessons so that you can maintain your life as you learn. You will receive year-long access to all materials so that you can easily refer back as you implement.

And what about you on the other side? 

  • Gain a new language and lens to see yourself,  and what you bring, and to communicate its value.

  • Alleviate worry and uncertainty about what comes next on your business journey.

  • See your talents clearly as a superpower and, acknowledging the uniqueness and value of your abilities. (No, everyone can’t/doesn’t do it like you. Yes, it IS a big’re dope!)

  • Release self-doubts and limiting beliefs around your knowledge base and its value.

  • Be clear on how to package your offer sell, alleviating confusion and freeing up precious mental space.

  • Confirm the path you chose to set out on is indeed the correct one and not some silly pipe dream.

  • Confirm the belief you have in your ability to transition successfully, monetize your knowledge and carve your own path.

  • Have a clear framework and path forward, along with the assurance that it brings.

STSC Program Mock Up (5).png
2024 NEW STSC Pricing Tiers (US Letter)(1).png

Don't confuse this low price tag with low value. You're getting my absolute best here with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, weekly live-coaching sessions, a series of workbooks that convert to your destination road map and strategy, resources, guides, and checklists that will be vital for the life of your business, and a clarity of your innate strengths to be leveraged in life and business that is the heart of my work 1:1 work with clients.

The key to finding your own definition of success in business, and in life, is moving out of stagnation and into generation. Get CRYSTAL clear so you understand what you do unlike anyone else, and along with it realizing your natural patterns of thinking, feeling, and taking action.

​This program teaches you that AND provides clarity  on how to leverage it in your business.


What's Next?

Step 1 – Apply to Strength to Strategy Collab 
Your application helps me better understand you and your business goals. An application submission fee is required and is applied to the total cost of tuition as your deposit. If you are not accepted this deposit is fully refundable!

Step 2 – Application Review
Applications will be reviewed and processed within 48 hours. If approved, you will have 48 hours to confirm your enrollment.

Step 3 – Turn YOUR Strengths into Strategy
Once your application is approved you’ll gain access to our Strength to Strategy collaborative learning community, and develop your aligned information side-business! 

“When I first started working with Shanell, I was at a crossroads. She is a great listener, she’s intuitive and she creates a warm, comforting environment, which immediately made me feel at ease. Shanell made it easy to for me to open up and come out of my shell. She listened with intention and came to each of our sessions with fresh ideas and a custom, individual approach that ultimately helped me decide on the right path for me.”

Before you dismiss this offer  with

A. You don't really need this


B. You can't afford this, let me offer you this:

A. You wouldn't be here if you weren't ready to recommit to what you’ve already decided IS for you. You’ve been in need of support and strategy to get there because 

  • it's overwhelming to do it alone

  • there’s too much pressure to do it perfectly

  • and somewhere along the way you adopted the belief that you HAVE to solve all of your problems in your head. You don’t. I got you. 

​B. What's the realization of your goal worth to you? What's certainty worth to you? What's it worth believing that your gifts will make room for you? And if you were going to invest in anything, what better to invest in than yourself?

​The life you’ve built is worth so much, and that meaningful “more” you seek is absolutely available to you. 

There are installment plans available to you, but don't put this off.  You deserve this. 

A good educator always hits the main point at the right time!
Remember I promised to finish that story from earlier?

As I was saying, lol, when embarking on my side business, I chose what I knew how to do without any pretense…writing. It was the one thing I’d been practicing and praised for my whole life…the thing I could do in my sleep and not think twice about, and it was a skill other people needed that I had. So I figured out how to do it for them.

This helped me to walk into the additional income I was seeking, sure, but more than that

  • It reminded me of what I was good at, at my core.

  • It affirmed something inside of me that wasn’t to be hoarded, but shared with other people in God’s kingdom who needed what I had. I have excess to pour out.

I didn’t have to try to be a good writer – working at it in school definitely helped, but I was a good writer because I had a way with words, creatively solved problems, brought emotional intelligence to intellectual processes, could spot relevant patterns others couldn’t, I know what makes each person unique, and am uniquely skilled at creating order where there is none. And I got to bring each of those talents to my writing to help others.

More than knowing I was good writer, I knew HOW I was a good writer. And this allowed me to lean into it deliberately over and over to structure and scale my business writing for dozens of entrepreneurs before evolving my business to utilize my other skills and knowledge areas.

I was clear on my Strengths, and I used them as my business strategy.

Now I get to help you do the same!

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