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Strength to Strategy 30 Day Collab

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You are so ready!


The truth is, you’ve BEEN ready, but you’ve been fearful, you’ve been doubting that you’re as good as you think you are, and that this idea CAN be what sets you on the path to freedom of time, finances, and creativity!

That’s why I created...

Group Coaching Program

Remember when?


Remember back in school we were assigned a buddy?


It was someone who had your back, learned with you, challenged you and kept you from getting lost. They were there to make sure you weren’t going it alone, that you were supported, and well…accountable!


And then as we became adults, we were left to fend for ourselves. We were made to believe that independence is the key to success! That we should figure things out for ourselves through “trial and error.” This "baptism by fire" system of jumping in and seeing how many different things you could try and fail before you found your wings to fly.....? Yikes.


You’ve heard the saying, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."


What about a system that’s designed to show you the very best of what you bring, so you can find your lane and soar?


You’ve been going at it alone, the best way you know how. It has gotten you far in some areas of your life, but not those that make you feel the most fulfilled. Think about it…family, friends, organizations, places of worship, teams, clubs…. What do they ALL have in common?

Support through collaboration and community!


Want to know the secret of the most successful entrepreneurs and coaching clients? They create accountability systems.

Strength to Start Collab will get your mindset aligned for business, and is definitely the group coaching program for you if :

  • You’re ready for entrepreneurship

  • You’re ready to walk in your strengths and stop obsessing over the things you do well

  • You’re trying to figure out what to do with your idea for a creative business

  • You’re scared and sick of the fear

  • You’re doubting yourself

  • You want freedom of time, finances, and creativity.

  • You have ideas, goals, and visions for your life  what you're currently doing.

  • You started a business that lacks strategic direction and you're spinning your wheels

Time to tap in!

This 8-week coaching group is designed for the woman who has a business idea and vision who needs clarity, an actionable strategy, and doesn't want to go it alone. What's standing in the way? The very same thing that's your key to success - your mindset. 

​Our time together includes:

  • A deep dive of your unique natural talents revealed by assessment

  • Mindset and clarity alignment

  • Weekly group coaching video calls

  • Weekly themed-foci designed for you to master 7 areas of entrepreneurship with your unique strengths, strategy, and secret sauce starting IMMEDIATELY in WEEK 1!

  • Recordings of all meetings

  • Email and DM communication access between meetings

  • Lifetime access to all planning resources and guides

Here's how we'll do it!

We'll meet weekly on Saturdays inside of the Mighty Networks platform - that's right, NO logging into Facebook required! 

Lessons will be taught weekly through a combination of live coaching sessions, and independent and collaborative exercises.


Our community doors opens on May 17, we have our FIRST live session on Saturday, May 22!

Clarity on your strengths, mindset, and business strategy will be achieved as we moved through the following schedule:











........and there will definitely be a closing ceremony because I love a great party!

Seriously, I am SO excited for you and all that you stand to gain throughout our time together.

You on the other side?

  • Clear on your natural talents, what they mean, and how to leverage them in your daily life and business

  • Mindset shifted to a business woman owning your PERSONAL power and authority!

  • The strength and clarity you need to start the next phase of your business goals

  • Ready to profit from your passion with a strategy for generating income

  • Connected and coached alongside like-minded women pursuing their dreams and building their businesses - maybe even a business bestie?!?

  • A business plan tailored to your vision, goals, and ideal client

  • Clarity and consensus that you are so freaking talented, gifted, and a generation changer for your family! You have EVERYTHING you need.

I know what you really want to know!

What's the investment?

The investment for Strength to Start Collab is $547.00 until April 30th - my birthday gift to YOU!

You read that right.

But, I want to clarify that this rate is for early-bird beta testers. On May 3rd the rate increases to $700.00 and once this first Collab closes, this rate disappears with it forever!

Don't confuse this ridiculously low price tag with low value. You're getting my absolute best here with a community built OUTSIDE of Facebook on the Mighty Networks platform, weekly live-coaching sessions (virtually of course), workbook that converts to your business plan and strategy, resources, guides, and checklists that will be vital for the life of your business, and a clarity of your innate strengths to be leveraged in life and business that is the heart of my work 1:1 work with clients.

This is over a $400 savings, with the benefits and features of my signature service, with an emphasis on collaboratively growing and strengthening.

Before you dismiss this offer  with A. You don't really need this or B. You can't afford this, let me offer you this:

A. You wouldn't be here if you weren't ready for your next steps, and looking for support and strategy to get there because it's JUST too overwhelming to do it alone, and somewhere along the way you got the impression that's required. It's not. I got you.

B. What's your dream worth to you? What's clarity worth to you? What's knowing your unique giftings worth to you?

There are installment plans available to you if you need it. But don't put this off. By the time I run this program again, you'll have put it off for another 6 months, and it will NOT be at this price point when it returns.

Ready to activate your inner-Strength to Start?


Strength to Start Collab

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