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You're happier when you do work you love and are best at!

I'm Shanell!

Hey there,


For over 17 years I've developed and trained individuals to use their natural talents to move the dial on their best and most impactful work!


It's time to turn your Strengths into your Side-business Strategy!

You're FINALLY ready try again with your side-business!



Starting your side business was supposed to be the answer to fulfilled passion and use of skills that you were searching for at this stage in your life.

But despite doing everything else right on your own, success in your side-business hasn't been as cut and dry as you're used to, and that's just didn't know what to do.

You have a BRILLIANT bank of expertise and you've proven you're a boss in your career - now you're ready to use it to make money YOUR way.

Just because you know how to do so many other things well on your own, doesn't mean you need to be alone in this.

Let me help you amplify your Strengths and package your expertise so you can step forward and deliver your message and knowledge.

I get it.

And it is.


Boundless Tenacity Consulting

“Shanell is incredibly gifted at creating unique, powerful learning opportunities. She knows intuitively how to target key outcomes while ensuring learners are engaged and treated to a meaningful, individual experience.”




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