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Brand Messaging

The Renewal

Equity + Inclusion Package

Now more than ever, it is imperative that your clients and partners understand the value you place on equitable and inclusive leadership. This starts with communicating your position, but it can be difficult to capture your message in the most compassionate and action-oriented way. It’s time to renew your focus and mission. 

Whether a renewing or an establishing of your commitment and support, with The Renewal Package you’ll receive:

  • Review and clarity of existing organizational Mission/Vision/Values

  • An aligned statement reflecting your organizations evolving values and or focus

  • Brainstorming session to develop the steps to put your statement into action


Supplemental Equity + Inclusion trainings focusing on Social Justice and Oppression Reduction available*

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The Revamp

Bio/About Package

Have an existing bio or About that speaks to you in parts, but doesn’t fully capture your most accurate self or current offerings? A few tweaks and changes may be all you need.

“The Revamp” package includes:

  • A refreshed bio/About page that illustrates your growth and evolution as a creative. Maintain some of your existing content, and develop it into a fully comprehensive message

  • Messaging that distinguishes you from others in the industry, and showcases your expertise

  • The incorporation of SEO that casts a wider net to catch, and keep, the eye of your dream clients

The Reveal

Social Media Brand Messaging Package

Starting from scratch as you prepare to launch? Changing direction after some time in the industry? Identifying and understanding your purpose, mission, vision, and values is key in crafting an accurate message.

With “The Reveal” package, we will:

  • Establish a brand identity that is uniquely you

  • Tailor your brand message to position you as an expert in your space, while distinguishing you from others in the industry

  • Optimize SEO to drive traffic that results in traffic + sales

  • Attract dream clients who are searching for your offerings

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