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Strengths & Sounds


Hey sis!


Navigate life with the rhythm of your strengths leading the way.

Welcome to Strengths & Sounds

These cards aren't just about affirmations; they're about never forgetting your gifts and power.


Remember the ULTIMATE way to tell someone how you felt about them back in the day?

You made 'em a mixtape!

So I curated these cards to celebrate the resilience, beauty, and infinite potential of brilliant Black women like you.


They're for the girlies who have always known their answer to the
question, "When did you fall in love with hip hop?"


It's for those who boss so hard at home and in their office they deserve a  brag and bougie reminder of just how dope they are!

They're for the mountain-moving, mustard seed-faith having women like my mommy Kim, or the no-detail-spared, moment-seizing women like my Gramie, Dottie.

Black women are magical.

Strengths-based philosophy (and plain ol' life experience in general) tell us when we align with our strengths, life is infused with more ease, excellence, and enjoyment - and who deserves to experience that on a daily more than you?

These cards, and this playlist, are my love letter to Black women - I hope you feel seen, loved, and affirmed - sis, you are so talented!

With so much love,



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The Breakdown!

Here's how to use your Strengths & Sounds Affirmation Cards to amplify your talents:
  • Pull your top 5 strengths cards for an extra dose of encouragement in your unique brilliance realms

  • Rotate through the deck when you need an infusion of inspiration from other themes

  • Follow the color coding at the bottom of each affirmation card to see where your strengths align across 4 key areas of brilliance

  • Display the deck proudly so you can draw on strength all day, every day

  • Scan the QR code on the back of the box to "pop in" your Strengths & Sounds mixtape and have a personal jam session from anywhere for surround-sound reminder of how dope you are!

    I told you I made you a mixtape😝

These cards are....

A 3-PART HARMONY - Each card includes an affirmation inspired by lyrics to some of our favorite songs, summaries of the 4 "Brilliance Realms" you flex daily, and a beautiful embodiment of a Black woman displaying her strength.

ILLUMINATING - Color-coding appearing near each talent area links to broader areas of leadership outlined as "Brilliance Realms".

EFFORTLESS - Cards arrive in alphabetical order so you can easily find your top 5 or any theme.

VARIED - Rotate through for a fresh perspective and "take what you need".


You're too brilliant to be boxed in!


The included wooden stand keeps your affirmation front and center on your desk, nightstand, bookshelf - wherever you need encouragement or a reminder of the power you hold!

Grab a deck today for yourself, or a Black woman in your life who deserves a daily "Black Parade" for hope dope she is!


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