Connecting over purpose. Creating with passion.

I'm Shanell.

Hey there!


I have always had a passion and a gift for writing and teaching but for years shied away from walking fully in those gifts. Well Said is not just my brainchild, but my heart-work. I find I am at my best when helping others find their talents and voice to yield desired change in their lives. I created Well Said in 2011 to do that.


My Services.


Ready to lend the desired sound, and tone to your message? Tired of struggling to communicate who you are, and not just what you do? Looking for a strategy to help drive your vision forward? Awesome - I can help!


What began with helping creatives of all types craft their personal narratives to share their best selves with their target clients and the world, quickly expanded to include working with creatives more intimately through coaching and training.


Boundless Tenacity Consulting

“Shanell is incredibly gifted at creating unique, powerful learning opportunities. She knows intuitively how to target key outcomes while ensuring learners are engaged and treated to a meaningful, individual experience.”