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Mompreneur Mindset: Lies That Are Getting in The Way of Starting or Scaling Your Business

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Mindset is your entrepreneurial foundation!

As a creative, I have fallen victim to a host of lies that I fight off CONSTANTLY. Daily, I have to remind myself to walk in the truth, His truth, rather than rest in my own limiting beliefs and self-doubt.

The truth is, I was made by THE master His image... and that means I came out of the package pretty great already.

You’ve no doubt heard the term, “mindset” before.

Mindset refers to the attitudes, assumptions, methods, or notions you hold about yourself, situations, or others.

In short, your mindset is the key driver in what you think about everything...especially yourself. So if you’re entering entrepreneurship, or not entering entrepreneurship because of what you believe about yourself and your chances of success, you HAVE to get your mind right.

Here’s the homework I give myself, my clients, and am assigning to you! See if any of these lies resonate with you, and more important whether they are getting in the way of you starting or leveling up in your entrepreneurial journey:

Lie 1 - I Am Too Late in the Game

We get so caught up in the comparison game. This happens because we are blinded by someone’s polished and finished product. The reality is if we were instead peeping their process rather than their product, we might not be so quick to covet that person’s journey.

Every entrepreneur goes through a process of growth and refinement, and the place you’re in now, yes...even this “I feel stuck and have no idea what I’m doing but I know I gotta do it anyway”-place, is on purpose, and in purpose.

Truth: God’s timing is perfect. You needed to go through everything you’ve experienced to this point. You are right where you’re supposed to be, and it is all preparing you for the next leg of your journey.

Lie 2 - The Market is Too Saturated

This is one of the most popular lies we tell ourselves. I can admit, I’ve believed it as well in the past but I know enough about “the market” to know better. I have a question for you:

Did Rhianna let everyone else’s makeup line stop her from creating Fenty? Nope.

Rhianna started Fenty Beauty despite past partnerships with cosmetic giants like Mac and Parlux.

I can imagine someone battling a mindset filled with lies may have said, “it’s enough to be MAC’s partner….I don’t need to try and compete with them”. But she didn’t let it stop her, and knowing Ri Ri, she probably didn’t think of it as competing at all and instead just focused on doing her.

Let’s drill deeper on this example:

Rhianna didn’t avoid starting Fenty because more established or popular companies existed. She instead focused on pouring her secret sauce on the industry. What’s her secret sauce? (Besides being one of the baddest to ever do it, lol) If you ask makeup connoisseurs what they love about Fenty, they’ll say, OPTIONS. Which, when we’re talking about makeup means DIVERSITY and REPRESENTATION.

Rhianna, a woman of Caribbean descent, built a business focused on ensuring that EVERY woman found her perfect shade, rather than targeting the typical shades and following the status quo. Fenty went on to record $72 million in sales the first month after launching! In the UK, this launch surpassed Rhianna’s former partner, MAC!

It would be one thing if we didn’t have our own strengths and talents, then no question we’d be busy watching, and trying to emulate, what everyone else in our industry was doing.

And THAT, would absolutely lead to a saturation or the same ol same ol.

Truth: No it’s not. If there’s a customer or client looking for a service, then there’s an ideal service provider who’s uniquely qualified to meet their specific need.

“The market” may have lots of people offering a similar service as you but the market, and your ideal client, needs YOU.

Lie 3 - It’s Not Possible to Make a Profit From My Passion Projects

As I mentioned above, each of us is talented and creative because we were made by a master creator in HIS image.

Each of us has been gifted with a set of talents and gifts that are unique to us. If you find yourself enjoying working in your creative gift, and sharing it with others, then I guarantee you there is someone looking for your service, skill or product.

And because each of us has gifts and talents that others don’t have, when they want it they’re willing to pay for it.

I go into WAY more detail on the subject here!

I help clients explore the possibilities that lay within their talents, and develop solutions and strategy for their businesses. It is absolutely possible to turn your passion into a profitable business.

Truth: With God, all things are possible. Trust the vision He’s given you for your life. Use the gift He’s entrusted you with, and use it to serve others.

Orange square within a pink square graphic that says, "It's true what they say: your thoguhts become your reality. So always be careful what you tell yourself, it could become real sooner than you think." and white quote marks. Well Said by Shanell Tyus.

Lie 4 - I Have Too Many Weaknesses To Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Somewhere along the way, we adopted the belief that we have to be good at EVERYTHING (there goes that Mindset piece again)!

Maybe it was the dreaded report card day when we’d be questioned about why that B wasn’t an A, or why that F was still an F. Maybe it was hearing our mom apologizing because she accidentally burnt dinner and thus felt as though she’d failed the family. Maybe it was having to play an instrument, play a sport, and take up jiu jitsu as a kid vs just taking art classes like you really wanted to.

Maybe it’s not that deep. Maybe it’s even deeper than that. But either way, we are walking around killing ourselves for the sake of perfection and appearance and we’ve become so obsessed with it, that it’s moved us away from focusing on what we’re just plain ol’ good at.

We all have weaknesses. And before you freak out, I’m not suggesting that you ignore them completely.

I’m telling you to keep that same weakness-fixing energy focused on your strengths instead.

According to Gallup, you grow most in your areas of strength, not your areas of weakness.

Does this mean ignore them? Nope. There’s no way to truly know where your strengths lie, without being aware of your weaknesses.

Truth: Weakness fixing doesn’t prevent failure. Your weaknesses will not prevent you from being successful.It’s critical that you know your areas of weakness, and use your strengths and support network to address them.

Working in home office. Shanell Tyus. Black xennial mom. Millennial mom. Naturalista. Curly-haired mom. Tapered cut. Cozy home office. Work from home mom. Mompreneur. Finding your passion. Black woman standing in from of desk smily while holding a tumbler cup in left hand and an open planner in her right hand. Curly hair and taperd cut, ivory colored shirt and pants, gold necklace, and white and orange printed kimono. Black mompreneur.
Lean into your strengths!

Lie 5 - I Have To Know Everything in Order to Get Started

Your natural strengths and talents are YOUR secret sauce...the thing you do that no one else does QUITE like you. When you focus on that piece, and get “in the zone”, you learn what you do well, and what you don’t.

There are so many tools inside of your toolbox that you didn’t even know you had. Some you know how to use extremely well and could teach someone else to use (your strengths). Some tools you are familiar with and know how to use, but with some training and practice you know you could be better (your areas of talent).

Then there’s other tools that you have no clue what they’re for - haven’t used them before, but you know they’re valuable and could help you get the job done if you knew how to use them. This is where coaches come in.

While on your entrepreneurial journey, you don't have to go at it alone. Coaches are there to help you use the tools that are already in your toolbox. And what’s better, is they bring THEIR tools and partner them with yours to get the job done!

Truth: You don't need to be good at everything. But you do need accountability and know-how. You need a coach.

My coaching program, Strengths to Strategy, is designed to help multi-passionate creative mamas who are dreaming of starting, or scaling, their businesses. You don’t have to know how to navigate these pieces on your own!

Mindset Maintenance

Ok. I feel like I just had my OWN coaching session, LOL.

I worked through similar topics with my own coach, and because I personally made the investment in myself and my business, I know how helpful it will be for you as well.

I revisit this list of common lies as needed, and encourage you to do the same.

Remember, whether or not you think you’re right. THAT’S how powerful mindset is. Don’t let these or other lies stop you from walking in your passion and purpose.

Need help getting your mindset in the right place to start your entrepreneurial journey? Unsure of your strengths? Let me help you out by hopping on a free strategy session with me.

I work with clients to help them leverage their natural strengths in order to strategize for getting starting or scaling, and one of our FIRST steps is getting our mindset together!

Send me an email and let me know if you're battling one of these - I'm here to help. I'm rooting for you, always!


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